State Exam II

This course is intended for highly-educated people and people with a feel for language. You will train your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills by exploring 9 themes. The themes include: travel, food, security, climate, and the environment. This course prepares you also for the ONA-exam (Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market)

After this course, you can register for the State Exam II.


Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM) is a mandatory part of the state examination for those who are obliged to participate in a civic integration programme.

You can prepare for the component Knowledge of Dutch Society yourself or you can follow a course. The course lasts for 4 weeks and you attend a group class 1 hour per week. The costs are € 82,50

State Exam II

You will need the State Exam II to work or to study at a college or university level.


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Course State Exam II
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